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Thomas Yegge



Like many pilots, I caught "aviation 'fever" at a very young age.  As a kid, my

father would take me to the airport to watch the planes takeoff and land.  I was in awe, and by the time I was 16, I knew I wanted to fly planes.

While in college I met an instructor who gave me my intro flight and I was hooked.  Since starting out in a Cessna 152 I have expanded my knowledge and experience to include many different planes.  My current ratings include: Private, Instrument, Multi and Single Commercial, and flight instructor for single and multi engine aircraft, and instrument instruction.

My passion for flying and the desire to expand my knowledge has proven valuable in my desire to become a successful flight instructor.

Some of my hobbies include: camping, skiing, guitar, flying (of course), talking about flying, and spending time with my family.


I am also a member of AOPA and EAA.  My love of flying has increased over the years.  As an instructor, I use my vast training and knowledge to provide safe and effective instruction, helping others to achieve their aviation goals.









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