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"Cammie Patch was a great instructor for me. She was patient and knowledgeable in all aspects of what was necessary to successfully obtain an instrument rating. As the name of her company implies, she is a whiz with glass cockpits. My G1000 equipped Columbia seemed like a mass of buttons and gadgets when we started, but by the end of my training, I felt very confident with all aspects of the G1000. During my checkride, I was actually pointing out some of the great features of the G1000 to my examiner!

In summary - Cammie's training is 5 out of 5 stars."



Columbia 350

Jackson, WY


"John Strauss is a highly skilled, competent pilot and, as far as I'm concerned, an expert with the Garmin 1000. His ability to teach both piloting skills and glass cockpit skills in a calm, patient and efficient manner both increased my ability to absorb information as well as my confidence. The attention that he gave to every lesson truly propelled me forward in my growth as a pilot-- I often wondered if he spent his free time thinking of different ways to help me grasp difficult concepts! Clearly, John was just as invested in my success as I am. I would not hesitate to recommend John to pilots of any ability. "



Hailey, ID


"Thanks for setting up my preparation for the ATP with Ryan. He is an excellent instructor with a wonderful teaching demeanor.  He knows his stuff and prepared me well for the check ride.  The training I received from him was exactly what I needed. I’m grateful that Ryan is using his skills and abilities to enhance flight instruction and promote safety in the aviation community in the Boise area.


Thanks again Cammie and may the Lord continue to bless Glass Cockpit Aviation."



MAF Pilot


"I want to thank you for what has proven to be the most challenging and productive learning experience I've had the opportunity to participate in over the years since my initial medical school and residency years.  I stepped out of my "comfort zone" and really stretched my learning experience in a different direction.  The last two weeks though some of the most arduous I've experienced in many years will be looked on as a training experience I will cherish.  You should know that you are truly an exemplary and knowledgeable instructor and gifted in your profession.  The knowledge and skill you have is something you need to view as a gift you share with your students.  Thank you for the opportunity to have trained with you. I am hopeful that you will be willing to accept that challenge again in the future as I return for recurrent training."



Idaho Falls, ID


"I wanted to  follow up on the instrument flight training I received at Glass Cockpit in October and commend you and Ryan for the skills,  patience and the positive attitudes you both displayed.


After 3+ years of  sporadic, intermittent and occasional instrument training, I realized I would not complete the training needed to result in a successful check ride without a concentrated, structured and focused training  system. After considerable research I located Glass Cockpit and spoke with you. After this conversation,  I quickly made my decision to finish my instrument training with you.


Training commenced immediately upon my arrival and concluded 8 days later with successful check ride. The training was always focused and covered the points extremely well.  Ryan was exceptionable and displayed considerable knowledge and patience throughout the training sessions. The  Elite simulator was an exceptional  training tool that elevated my skills considerably.


Again, thanks for providing this training and I look forward to further flight training with Glass Cockpit Aviation in the future. I will  certainly recommend other pilots  take advantage of the flight training programs you offer."


Scottsdale, AZ


"Glass Cockpit Aviation was instrumental in helping me obtain a position with American Eagle Airlines as a first officer.  The simulator training with Jim was crucial in preparing me for the interview and the training that followed. Jim's knowledge of instrument flying guided me to all the points necessary in refreshing my flying proficiency to airline standards.  Jim's patience and teaching ability were what I look for in a professional and found at Glass Cockpit Aviation."


- Keith

First Officer EMB 145 American Eagle Airlines


“I would highly recommend Cammie Patch and her 7-day IFR course.  Whether you are local to the Boise area or need to come in from out of town, this is by far the most economical and efficient way of attaining your instrument rating.  Cammie is extremely knowledgeable, and her approach to teaching is second to none.  Additionally, the use of the iGATE trainer is a tremendous asset throughout the course.  My experience with Cammie and Glass Cockpit Aviation was outstanding!”



Cessna 182

Boise, ID


“A complete instrument rating in just 10 days?  At first I was skeptical.  I was looking for an expedited instrument training program and trust me I did the research.  I picked Glass Cockpit because every time I called they not only answered the phone, but they also answered my questions and made me feel comfortable.  It also helped that I could train in a Cirrus (what I had been flying).


I arrived from Texas on a Sunday afternoon and immediately got in several hours in the sim.  The next day we were flying approaches.  The following Tuesday I got my instrument ticket.  Just like that I was flying in the clouds.


I owe it all to my instructor Ryan. Upon arriving in Boise, Glass Cockpit’s Cammie Patch determines which of her instructors best suits the individual student’s personality.  She could not have picked a better instructor than Ryan. He and I spent the next 10 days together and through it we became great friends.


I’ve had a lot of people ask me ‘why Boise’?  The answer in simple… where else can you train flying to places like Jackson Hole, Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park.


And why Glass Cockpit?  That’s simple too…you really can get your instrument rating in 10 days for less than you could back home.  And the people are great.  I not only left there with my instrument ticket, I left with new friendships as well.


Want to know more?  Ask Cammie for my phone number and I’ll be happy to tell you more about my experience at Glass Cockpit Aviation.”



Cirrus SR20

Houston, TX


"I have taken the program and can say that it is exceptional. Those that know Cammie will attest that she is an excellent instructor with a program that is very unique. As an added bonus she is one of the most fun people you will ever fly/train with. Boise is a GREAT place to train and Cammie has a working relationship with the controllers there that you won't believe. I don't know that you could duplicate this experience anywhere else. EXCELLENT PROGRAM! "


Cessna 400

Austin, TX


“Finest instruction I've encountered in my eight years of flying. I took the 7-day IFR course as a high-time (1,300 hour) VFR pilot who developed some bad habits along the way. Cammie and Ryan had me flying with precision and I passed my checkride with flying colors. I recently upgraded my panel to include a GNS-430 and MX-20 and I needed to get comfortable with my new equipment. Even though the GNS-430 is very powerful, you must learn the regulations for its use as a primary or alternate means of navigational guidance. You just cannot acquire

this knowledge from the Garmin manual alone. This group is committed to your on-going safety, not just to passing the checkride.”



Beech Bonanza

Boulder, CO


"Cammie is the most useful, knowledgeable and pleasant instrument instructor I know.  I've referred several pilots to her already.  Terrific."



Columbia 400

Ketchum, ID


"As a matter of reference and recommendation, I have flown with both Cammie and Chad with Glass Cockpit Aviation. Both Cammie and Chad are excellent pilots and instructors. I used Chad to help with my SR22 delivery flight.

Cammie completed my UND transition training. Cammie is an extremely knowledgeable Cirrus instructor - one of the best instructors that I have flown with, certainly better that the UND instructor I had in Duluth.

I highly recommend Glass Cockpit. I have no financial association with Glass Cockpit and this reference comes completely unsolicited."



Cirrus SR22

Deer Lodge, MT


"I am happy to highly recommend Cammie as an instructor in my Columbia 400. She is a pleasure to fly with, and makes great use of every minute in the plane. Cammie is highly qualified and her teaching style is both direct and efficient. Importantly, she explains the logic of the instruments and the set up for each approach and is comfortable tailoring her teaching style to a client's needs. We're lucky to have her available here in the northwest."



Columbia 400

Ketchum, ID


"My experience with Glass Cockpit Aviation was outstanding.  I wanted an accelerated program and Cammie delivered with flexibility that was beyond my expectations.  The ground and flight instruction was exceptional and I passed the written, oral and practical within a two week timeframe on my first try.  Flying with Cammie, Todd and Ryan gave me perspective from a wide range of flight training professionals that I believe made me a better pilot and well prepared for the FAA tests.  If you have been looking for top notch flight training, give Cammie a call and you will not be sorry."




"You guys worked incredibly hard to pull me through the most difficult flight training I have ever done.  Chad is extremely knowledgeable and was fun to fly with.  He gave me plenty of real-world flying advice, which is a big part of what I was looking for in the training, and which I was afraid I wouldn't get from such an accelerated course.  The simulator was challenging to fly well, but, like you said, paid great dividends in the cockpit.


     "Thanks, Cammie and Chad! "



Bend, OR


"I've lived all over the world and have flown with at least 20 different instructors in 3 separate countries. Cammie is by far the best instructor I've had. I even flew all the way back to Boise from England to get recurrent training. It was worth it!


Cammie focuses on the big things and the most important things for safety and proficiency. She makes sure you focus on those as well. I've had flight instructors nitpick me about various things that seem more like pet peeves rather than things that are important. Cammie does likes to throw in "pop quizzes" on interesting and oddball subjects, but doesn't get hung up on mistakes that aren't critical issues.


I particularly like Cammie's calm, even-handed manner in the airplane. I like it when an instructor in the right seat gives you more confidence, rather than less. Unfortunately, the latter is sometimes true with instructors.


And finally, I like the fact that Cammie has the ELITE trainer, which allows for a lot of IFR brush-up at reasonable cost. The combination of simulator and airplane makes for a good overall approach to instrument proficiency."



Commercial, Instrument, Glider - 900 hours



"Cammie provides training with an emphasis on safety, clear objectives for each lesson and stage of training, and the highest level of professionalism I could have expected from a flight instructor. Cammie's qualifications are outstanding, her attention to detail in the cockpit is contagious, and she does not hesitate to push her students to perform to the best of their abilities. Without a doubt I received the highest quality pilot training possible. I highly recommend training with Cammie."


-Matt Donaldson


"I had two instrument instructors before I went with Cammie, and while both had their strong points, Cammie's methods of instruction were very relaxed and informative. She is more of a coach in the cockpit, and you don't feel like you are under a microscope while you are learning the finer points of instrument flying. You will not be disappointed with Cammie as your instructor!"


-Tom Loutzenheiser


"Today's aviation world demands a basic knowledge of advanced avionics, EFIS, FMS,GPS the list goes on and on. The key to learning is delivering the information in a way that students can understand. What better environment then in an advanced simulated cockpit. All the instrument benefits minus the distractions, couple that with the knowledge and experience of a Master CFII and you have got success. Cammie is easy-going with a great personality, and I strongly recommend her. Cammie helped me transition from military flying to civilian flying without a single hitch. The old saying is true, if I did it you can too. Keep up with modern aviation. Learn how to see a clear path in IMC."


-Perry Oldenburg

Commercial Pilot

Airplane SEL and MEL


Instrument Airplane and Helicopter


".......I continue to be impressed with my instructor, although most of what we go over on the ground is stuff I’ve heard before, she has a slightly different spin on everything and I’ve already learned a lot from her. She’s always got a good way to remember things that need remembered.


She does talk a lot, but it’s always something interesting. Not like a previous instructor that just babbled on and on, or the guy who didn’t say anything.


But she is really a great instructor. As the tower controller said today, she’s the best instructor on the field. (though he added, “ya just got to watch her sometimes”…)"


-Zeb Palmer

...stolen from his blog....

(cammie's note: I have no idea what that controller was talking about!)


"Cammie Patch is an excellent CFI. Her confidence and professional attitude immediately instills trust and sets anxious new students at ease. Her warmth and good humor keeps her students relaxed and focused. I would recommend her highly."




"Cammie has a knack for creating realistic and sometimes comedic cockpit distractions. Ultimately it doesn't matter where a distraction comes from but how an IFR pilot reacts to the situation. Cammie's teaching philosophy is built around scenario based training. Given the amount of information one has to master for the Instrument Rating this approach provides a good context for the information that must be mastered."

William, successful IFR checkride 9-9-05


"When I got my instrument rating, I took seven MONTHS, not seven days, due to work schedules, money, etc. This type of time frame inevitably leaves gaps in your flight currency, and makes it crucial that you have an instructor who is flexible and experienced enough to help you smooth over the edges, and quickly come up to speed when your training resumes.


I trained with Cammie. During the time I was training with Cammie she became a Master Flight Instructor, which came as no surprise to me. Cammie expected me to know the material for the lesson before I showed up, made sure that was the case, discussed any questions I had, and then we went flying.


Some instructors have a hard time allowing the student to fly the airplane, especially if the student is in the middle of making a five-star muddle of a seemingly simple maneuver. On the rare occasions when I did this, Cammie let me progress right to the edge of disaster, calmly assumed control of the aircraft, and explained in small words and short sentences not only what happened, but what simple error started the chain of errors which would have led to disaster.


Cammie teaches tight crew resource management, situational awareness, staying ahead of the aircraft, and even pays special attention to making a good transition from making an instrument approach to making a good landing.


Here's something you should know: When she feels everything is going well, she starts to sing. If this bothers you, all you have to do is make a stupid move, and she comes right back on task. When it came time for my checkride, I felt well prepared. My check pilot felt I was well prepared. He signed my ticket and, as I left, said: "I'm never disappointed when Cammie sends me someone."

He won't be disappointed when she sends you to him, either."




"Cammie is a great instructor, both on the ground and in the air. Her teaching style is collaborative, not confrontational, and I appreciate her ability to explain complex topics in several ways. I feel like she went above and beyond the minimums to really prepare me for my checkride."




"Years ago I had the good fortune to be Cammie's first Commercial certificate student. The experience resulted in a smooth checkride that I was well-prepared for. I have always enjoyed Cammie's approach to aviation knowledge and I enjoy flying with her. She finds a great balance between laid-back, hands off instructing and bulleting you with technical questions during a difficult maneuver. Cammie stays ahead of the curve when it comes to everything aviation. Now, as a CFI, I use Cammie as a resource for those difficult to solve problems with my students. She is a wealth of knowledge and a great teacher but even beyond that, she loves to fly, she loves to teach and she makes learning fun."




"Cammie was great to work with while completing my IFR rating. While I had other instructors who spent hours teaching me NDB navigation Cammie was very up to date with GPS IFR procedures. In my aircraft I use a Garmin 430 so my training focused on the technology that I would be using, not technology that is currently being decommissioned. I would highly recommend Cammie to any IFR student, especially students seeking an instructor knowledgeable using GPS for IFR operations."




"I believe Cammie is a top notch flight instructor who is able to quickly assess a student’s abilities and tailor an approach to instruction that best fits the student’s needs. I found Cammie’s wealth of aviation experience combined with her personable and approachable demeanor made her an asset to me both in and out of the cockpit. With Cammie as a flight instructor I was able to quickly develop the knowledge and skills I needed to obtain an instrument rating."



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