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I am a father of two wonderful sons and we stay very busy year round white water rafting, snow skiing and of course flying. My sons have a huge interest in aviation as I did when I was their age and currently we are active members in the Idaho Civil Air Patrol.

I have always been very mechanical and like to figure out how things work.  In 1990 I went through a two year college to get my degree in aviation maintenance, and passed my exams to be a licensed A&P mechanic.  I began my aviation career working for a flight school as an aircraft mechanic maintaining C152s, C210, C310, and a Beechcraft Duke. At this time I decided to get my private pilot’s license and began flying in 1993.  I am a firm believer that we should never stop learning and I am currently finishing up my Bachelors of Science at Utah Valley University.

Over the past 25 years my career has grown into a passion and a love of flying! I have had the opportunity to work for a few different companies like BeechCraft, corporate aircraft, American Airlines (maintaining MD80), WinAir Airlines (chief mechanic maintaining 737-200 & 400) and as a private contractor. I have had the opportunity to work on and fly in many different kinds of aircraft such as Beechcraft King Air, Baron, Bonanza, twin turbo-prop Cessnas, Cessna Citation, Falcon Jet, Bell 206 Jetranger helicopter etc.  but a couple of the most memorable experiences I have been so fortunate to have was flying right seat in a Lear 23 and the jump seat in a Boeing 737!

As my hair has gotten more and more gray I have found that I love to teach, I love to help others achieve their goals and dreams that they have had all their life or to expand on their current aviation career.  My dedication to my students as your certified flight instructor is to share my experience and help you learn the knowledge to keep you safe and enjoy a lifetime of aviation excitement.

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