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Our instructors are great educators. They were carefully hand-picked based on their experience, ability to communicate effectively, and their charming personalities. Unlike time-building instructors, these experienced instructors are focused on facilitating the most productive learning experience for the student. We get comments time and time again from our customers about how much they enjoy working with our instructors.


With an average of over 5,000 hours each, they have the experience to efficiently train to the highest standards, while making the entire process challenging and fun. For more information on each instructor, please click on the names to the right.

Cammie Patch, Chief Flight Instructor


Chuck Moore


Justin Perkins


Travis Hart


Julian Pridmore-Brown


John Piekarski


Boise Airport · 3653 Rickenbacker St. #202 · Boise · Idaho · 83705 · 208-869-6459 ·





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