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Glass Cockpit Aviation offers the best selling and best quality gyroplanes in the world. The AutoGyro factory in Germany is producing approximately one new aircraft every day. In many countries, there are more gyroplanes being certified than fixed wing aircraft.

Brochure of all three models


The New Type Certificated Calidus!

After many years of hard work by AutoGyro, the Calidus has successfully been admitted into the Primary Category. Now these fantastic aircraft can be easily utilized by flight schools and clubs for training and rentals, without having to apply for special permission from the FAA. Similar to the light sport category, the primary category allows for factory built aircraft to finally enter the US market. No other model or manufacturer of gyroplanes has ever achieved this certification before.


The Calidus PC will be a profitable flight school aircraft for schools and owners who would like to profit from owning a Calidus. Please contact us for more information. We have a list of schools and owners who are already interested in a lease.




The Kit Build

AutoGyros constructed from a kit must be operated in the US in the experimental category, and the factory can provide them in a kit form. With our Build Assist program, we can help you properly assemble your new gyroplane in one to three weeks. We are highly qualified A&Ps, Rotax Heavy Maintenance Technicians, and Light Sport Repairmen and we are very familiar with the ASTM standards of aircraft construction and we will make sure your build is done to the highest standards of safety. We also offer flight testing and a continued maintenance training, as well as assist to the owner to perform his or her own maintenance.

AutoGyro GmbH provides an excellent source of maintenance resources which are valuable for the continuing airworthiness of your aircraft.

Build Assist Program

Our build assist program is a professional program that allows you to assemble your aircraft in an accelerated plan (one to two weeks), at our location. We have all the tools and expertise to help you to build a gyroplane that will rival the most professional builds. We will also arrange for the DAR's visit for an airworthiness inspection.

MTO Sport: $4000

Calidus: $5000

Cavalon: $6500


Interested in joining the AutoGyro community? The forum is a great resource for information on training, maintenance, parts, certification, new and used aircraft for sale, and to communicate with other owners and pilots of AutoGyro aircraft. Ask questions, get answers, and share experiences.


Visit the forum

The New Calidus PC

Type Certificated

Built in Germany

Ready for Flight Schools!

The New Calidus PC


The Training

Train in your AutoGyro or ours. We have an excellent safety record and understand how to train you so that you can continue to operate your aircraft in a safe manner.


Since safety has always been our foremost priority (we have the best safety record of any flight school in Boise), our training program follows a structured syllabus of ground and flight training with an emphasis on good decision making.


An existing pilot adding a sport pilot category and class rating (FAR 61.321) may operate a gyroplane after getting training from a qualified gyroplane CFI on all the items listed in FAR 61.309 and 61.311. That CFI will then give an endorsement that states that you have met the requirements of that part. A different CFI will then conduct a proficiency check on the same knowledge and proficiency requirements. Upon successful demonstration of knowledge and flight proficiency, the second CFI will give a logbook endorsement and complete an 8710-11. The logbook endorsement allows the pilot to exercise the privileges of the additional category and class of sport pilot. The pilot will receive a new certificate in the mail. No minimum hours, no solo requirements, no medical, no check ride, and no written test. Most pilots can complete this add-on category/class training in 5- 15 flight hours.


Our training location is at ID26, about 30 miles south east of the Boise Airport. This is an ideal location for flying a gyroplane due to the proximity of wide open spaces. We can start flying maneuvers as soon as we reach a safe altitude with miles and miles of area to practice. Our runway is paved and 2600' long with no obstacles at either end. It is often windy here, which offers an even better experience since gyroplanes love to play in the wind.


Even though we are out on the Snake River Plain, the mountains just to the north of us offer spectacular scenery with many opportunities for canyon flying and backcountry airstrips to explore. It is a flight that you will never forget.


Price for flight and ground instruction is $100/hour. Prior to starting your training you will want to be well prepared by reviewing the following ground training materials:


Calidus Pilot Operating Handbook

FAA Rotorcraft Handbook (Chapters 15 - 22)

Phil Harwood's "Flying a New Generation Gyrocopter".

Please call 410-604-1719 or email to purchase a book.



We are the Northwest dealers for the AutoGyro line of gyroplanes. We offer

everything from sales  to build assist, training, maintenance, and intro flights.



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MTO Sport Brochure (open cockpit tandem seating)

Brochure #2

Sample MTO Sport Order (Turbo)




Calidus Brochure (Closed cockpit tandem seating):

Brochure #2

Sample Calidus Order (Turbo)

Sample Calidus Order (Turbo) Type Certificated

Sample Calidus Order (Non-Turbo)

Sample Calidus Order (Non-Turbo) Type Certificated

Calidus POH



Cavalon Brochure (Closed cockpit side-by-side):

Brochure #2

Sample Cavalon Order

Cavalon POH





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