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It is a great time to be a pilot. There are an amazing number of job openings for pilots in all areas of aviation. If this career choice interests you, consider our accelerated career pilot program to get you to the good paying jobs quickly.


A four-year degree at a state university will most likely cost you in excess of $50,000 (using Boise State as an example), but our program fast-tracks your career to a professional flying position for approximately $45,000, and in much less time.


Our program is based on a four to six month commitment, flying about 18 days a month. At the end of your training you can expect to have obtained a commercial pilot's certificate with single and multi-engine privileges, as well as a flight instructor (CFI) rating. At this point you will be qualified to work as a flight instructor starting at $35/hr. We prefer hiring instructors from our career pilot program graduate pool.


Our cost estimate is based on our block rates for aircraft and instruction. You can put money on account with us to draw from as you train, or we can keep a credit/debit card on file to draw from after each lesson. The estimates found on our worksheet are realistic, but also depend on the dedication required on your part.



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