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Cammie@glasscockpitaviation.comRatings/ExperienceCFI/CFII/MEI/AGITail WheelGyroplane CFIATPA&P/IALSRM(Airplane/Glider/Powered Parachute/Weight-Shift Trike)Rotax Maintenance Technician


Cammie is the owner and chief flight instructor at Glass Cockpit Aviation. She has been a full-time instructor since October 2000, and has instructed in well over 60 different models of aircraft. Prior to that she was the assistant manager and instructor at the Dover Air Force Base Flight Training Center. She has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, and eight years of experience in the U.S. Coast Guard as a law enforcement officer; Boarding Officer, Explosives Loading Supervisor on commercial cargo ships, and an Oil Pollution Investigator.


Her students often comment that her style of instruction is enjoyable; a patient and effective teacher, able to communicate clearly with a wide variety of methods.

Rate:$80/hour or $600/day

Cammie has given over 6000 hours of instruction, and currently is an FAA designated Gold Seal Instructor, and a NAFI designated Master Flight Instructor from 2003 - 2007. She is a Cirrus and Columbia (Cessa Corvalis, TTX, T240) Factory Trained Instructor, specializing in accelerated training programs for instrument, commercial, CFI and CFII students, single & multi-engine, as well as instrument proficiency checks, and gyroplane instruction. She is type-rated in Citation Mustangs, and is a FAASTeam Representative, and the former chief flight instructor for the Cessna Advanced Aircraft Club. She has a career student pass rate of over 90%.


In addition to the flying side of the business, Cammie is also an Airframe & Powerplant mechanic with Inspection Authorization (A&P/IA), and a Certified Rotax Heavy Technician, certified to perform any Rotax maintenance short of an overhaul. She has built numerous AutoGyro aircraft, and is deeply into an RV-7A aircraft building project.


If you have a specialized aircraft such as a Cirrus, Columbia (also known as Cessna 350 & 400, Corvalis, or TTX), high performance single or multi, gyroplane, or any other glass cockpit aircraft, and are interested in pursuing a aircraft checkout or need flight proficiency training, please call or email us.


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